CORE 360 Sales, Strategy & UX
CORE 360 Sales, Strategy & UX
CORE 360 Sales, Strategy & UX
CORE 360 Sales, Strategy & UX
CORE 360 Sales, Strategy & UX
CORE 360 Sales, Strategy & UX

CORE 360 Sales, Strategy & UX


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One of the things we struggle with as designers is selling ourselves as not only visual artist but also as consultants and strategic advisors. The CORE 360 Kit helps you reposition yourself as a facilitator and strategist as well as a UX designer.

In this bundle Chris and Jose walk you through the process of selling strategy to your clients and defining brand, customer and business goals. Then they help you translate all this into a website using User Experience tools and techniques.

When a client approaches you to help them rebrand and build a website, you jump in and design. Deep into the project you realize what many of us in the industry have experienced— endless rounds of revisions, subjective feedback like "My wife doesn't like it", only to see any profit vaporize right before your eyes. Frustration sets in.

The problem? It's really difficult to define a brand and even more difficult to design a site for a user that you don't understand. What features and functions should you include? What's important to them? Where do you start?

You can start by learning how to deliver business value to your clients. Stop viewing yourself as a technician and start viewing yourself as a valuable advisor.

The question now becomes, how do I translate this strategy into design, features, and content for marketing people? The CORE 360 Kit transforms you into a high value asset for your clients.  

    What CORE 360 Brings:

    PRE | CORE - Selling Strategy: First Meeting, Proposal, Closing 

    • The PreCORE Guide and Worksheet. An overview of how to sell strategy, create value and overcome objections during the sales process. Includes sample scripts of client objections and responses from real world scenarios like "You are too expensive" or "You don't have enough depth or experience in producing what I'm looking for." Use the PreCORE worksheet to help change the conversation in your favor during your next client meeting.
    • Objection Matrix Worksheet. Overcome objections without conflict and understand how to respond with consideration to your competitors. The worksheet will help you pinpoint how you are different, better and the least risky choice for your prospective client.
    • Proposal Anatomy, Worksheet, Template and Example. What should go in your proposal? Includes a real life inquiry from an actual client all the way through the project award. See how does Chris Do responds. Template designed in Keynote with master pages, title presets so that you can put together a winning proposal. Ready to use as is. Just drop in your logo. Alternatively, you can elect to modify the designs to be consistent with your brand. Includes personal PreCORE worksheet to help guide you through constructing your proposals.
    • Closing. Includes notes from how Apple sales to their customers using an approach they call APPLE. Approach, Probe, Present, Listen and Explain. Closing is not about selling but educating and providing value.

    CORE 1.9 Facilitation Guide (Updated)

    • 16 Videos of Skool Chief Education Officer Jose Caballer facilitating a CORE sessions for real clients.
    • The CORE Facilitation Guide. A step-by-step handbook on how to facilitate a CORE Session. In PDF, Keynote and PPT. 
    • The CORE Workbook and Examples. Customize the workbook to use with your clients. In PDF, Keynote and PPT formats.


      CORE UX 

      • Videos of Jose Caballer taking CORE exercises and using them directly on a project.  
      • CORE UX Guide. A practical manual on how to translate your CORE exercises into wireframes, sitemaps and other UX deliverables. 

        Bonus Examples  

        • Pitch Documents 
        • The Brief 
        • Design Directions/Stylescapes 


        "Just an update on my first paid CORE facilitation session... First of all, I was super nervous going in feeling somewhat like a fraud getting paid for something I'm still learning don't really feel fully qualified to be doing. Having said that, I must have done something right because the client wants me to do everything for them, from book design, to identity, to curriculum videos, to possible website redesign... Basically work for the next couple years." — David K.


          Here's how:

          1. Click "Add to Cart" and purchase
          2. You'll be emailed a link to download the workbook and videos immediately
          3. Watch the video and follow along in the workbook
          4. Practice the exercises with a friend
          5. Introduce the concept to a client and offer to run a "trial" session at low or no cost
          6. Amaze and delight the client
          7. Start charging for "strategy" and build the design studio you've always dreamed of

          3 Month trial subscription to the Futur Pro Facebook community and Pro calls.

          • Get direct access to Skool founders Chris Do and Jose Caballer. They go over your issues and answer your individual questions.
          • Join the private and secret group of the Skool's top performers.
          • Stay up to date.
          • Collaborate with others on projects. Grow your practice.
          • Share resources like designers, developers, tools, etc...

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